Following on from a recent post deconstructing the various meanings of the word ‘memory’ I’ve been thinking about a simple shorthand description of my area of interest for Body of Work. To summarise here, I’m interesting in examining the actual processes of how memory works at the level of everyday human experience, in quite an analytical, curious way, rather than looking at memory as a psychological or emotional concept.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t want the images to evoke an emotional response – only that, being selfish, I’m investigating the aspect of memory that interests me. Hopefully it also interest other people – we’ll see…!

The three-word phrase that I’ve landed on (for now) is:

Visualising Memory Processes

Note that this is not a project title (or an umbrella term for the set of projects that will form my BoW, or a working title for an exhibition or whatever SYP resolution I end up doing) – it is merely a shorthand description of what I’m working on.

It has two uses:

  • To keep me focused
  • To be able to explain to other people what aspect of memory interests me (given the polysemous and loaded nature of the word)

It may change… but it is serving its purpose currently.

Wendy the tutor suggested that once I could articulate what I my photography was ‘about’ I should pin it up onto my study wall…