I’ve just had the Assignment 2 feedback session with my tutor (to be written about shortly) and even though I should really be concentrating on my Contextual Studies Literature Review right now, I’ve been thinking about Assignment 3 in parallel with A2 for several weeks now – and have got the creative urge* to crack on and work on it straight away.

* could be procrastination, I suppose

Part of the reason for the unseemly haste – apart from the fact that the idea has been bursting to get out of my head and onto the page for weeks now – is that I’ve decided to do a photobook dummy as the deliverable, then recently discovered that a regional photography network that I’m a member of, Lens Think Yorkshire, has put a call out for photobook submissions for a collaborative event with a publishing fair organiser, Print Stuff. So I’m going to knock up a dummy of this project before the submission deadline (next week!). It’s all good practice. And it’s very motivating to have a deadline.

Assignment 3 is going to be very different to the last one. It’s still about memory processes but looking at the subject from a different angle. Like A1 it’s an archive dive of my own photographs.

It’s going to be based on these photos of gloves I’ve taken over the last few years.

gloves grid

I’m really only posting this to make me do it.

Can’t back out now, I’ve publicly committed!