This is a mockup of my idea for Assignment 3. It might seem like it’s landed fully-formed but I was planning it in the background all the way through Assignment 2, as it seemed to fit well with the loose theme of this section (‘Chance’), so collating the first version of it hasn’t taken too long. There’s a lot of thinking and research that I’ve been doing that needs writing up, but the basic concept hasn’t changed too much since my initial discussion with tutor Wendy back before Christmas.

It’s still about memory but in a very different way to Assignment 2; this time it’s about my own memory, and looking at memory in a more ‘everyday’ way – short-term memory, working memory.

The basic idea (if it’s not evident from the set below) is that I’m examining my own middle-aged absent-mindedness by pairing things that I’ve forgotten with gloves that I’ve spotted lost in public. I’m trying to draw out the equivalence between fragments of memory and lost items.

I’m planning a book as the presentation format so these images are laid out as two-page spreads.

Click the first thumbnail to go into slideshow mode.


After discussing the above draft with some other Level 3 students in one of our regular study hangouts and getting reasonable feedback, I printed a version as a physical book dummy.


I showed it at a local photography networking event / exhibition in York, organised by Lens Think Yorkshire and Print Stuff. It got pretty good feedback from some of the other attendees, which was encouraging – but I very much consider it a work-in-progress rather than the finished article. It was good practice to try my hand at making a book though.