I did a very rough draft of this assignment very soon after completing the last assignment, then didn’t touch it for several weeks – but it’s been buzzing around somewhere in my head almost the whole time. I’ve spent much of the intervening time either doing my Literature Review for Contextual Studies or researching a number of memory-related projects (1 2 3 4 5) to help me understand some of the wider context of photographic projects that investigate memory in one way or another.

From a practical point of view, the intervening weeks were extremely fruitful in terms of material – I have almost doubled my collection of glove photos :-D

gloves grid

There are a few reasons I wanted to get more glove photos, even though I’ve been collecting them since about 2015:

  • I wanted to include more photos I’d taken since having this idea, such that the intention of the series is more embedded (even if that is only evident to me)
  • I wanted a greater variety of compositions and colours
  • I wanted more images taken with better cameras! Most are still taken using a smartphone, but my phone camera is better than it was in 2015 :-)

Since the first edit of 21 images back in February I’ve been thinking a lot about what the selection criteria should be. The guiding factors that I am currently working with are:

  • Single gloves only (a minority of my photos are of pairs) as this fits best with my intended message
  • Gestures formed by the glove wherever possible
  • Variety of compositions and vantage points
  • Variety of glove colours and styles
  • Technically good quality photos wherever possible (lighting, noise, focus etc)
  • Aesthetically good quality photos wherever possible (composition, figure-to-ground ratio, leading lines etc)
  • Identifying aspects of images that in some way relate to the list of text extracts (the memory lapses, listed below)

The list of 21 text statements being juxtaposed with the images is the same as it was in the first draft, for now anyway. These are all things I’ve forgotten (and can remember having forgotten!) and are a mix of absent-mindedness / attention lapses and facts that used to know but am now unable to recall. As noted elsewhere, my interest in memory is in the mental process rather than specific memories. The latter is well-served by photographic projects, the former not so much.

My text fragments:

  1. dad’s birthday
  2. the address we lived at in Morley for about a year
  3. lock the back door
  4. the surname of the girlfriend I travelled round America with for a month
  5. what I was going to say
  6. finish making Ann that cup of tea
  8. all former schoolmates who haven’t found me on Facebook
  9. what shop I’m meant to be going to next
  10. turn up to my first tutorial for the memory project
  11. take Henry with me to my mum’s
  12. what I went upstairs for
  13. the sausages in the frying pan
  14. where I parked
  15. finish making my wife’s brew
  16. take my Kindle with me when disembarking the plane
  17. a spare camera battery
  18. take the £200 out of the slot before walking away from the cashpoint
  19. finish making that cup of tea for Ann
  20. close the driver’s door before leaving the car parked up for half an hour
  21. can’t remember

I’m quite pleased that I haven’t added any notable lapses in the last few months! (that I can remember, anyway…)

OK – with all of that in mind, it’s time to print out a batch of small photos and lay them all on the dining table to start shortlisting.