A significant part of this project is the pairing of fragments of text with the glove images. While preparing the last version of this project I tried out a few different approaches before settling on the execution below, text against a coloured block side-by-side with the image.

Assignment 3 layout

The idea behind the colour blocking was that by picking out the colour of the glove, I was making a visual connection between the memory lapse and the glove – to indicate via a kind of equivalence that one reminded me of the other.

A few people, including my tutor, felt that the colour didn’t add much, and may subtract from the overall ‘mood’ of the piece. I concur – it does look a bit ‘bright and breezy’, when I’m aiming for something more poignant, more elegiac.

However, I still want to create some kind of visual connection – to repeat something from the earlier post linked above:

Whilst I acknowledge that some viewers are still likely to read accompanying text as a ‘caption’ (and assume an anchoring purpose), I am interested in ways I can discourage a literal text reading and encourage the idea that the text is somehow an equivalent to the picture.

Me, 2018

At the moment I am working with two particular ideas (more may be added).

1. Shape and position matching

Continuing to work with the earlier idea that the text is on an adjacent panel, I envisaged something as simple as approximating the position, size and shape of the glove would help to make the visual connection:

This layout suits the book format used in Assignment 3 – though the last thing I wrote on presentation format is that I’d ideally prefer to end up showing this as an exhibition. So I need to bear in mind how to display this layout on walls.

2. Text in the image

Last time I showed a version of this to peers, another student (thanks Yiann!) suggested trying text within the image itself:

The advantage of this is more straightforward presentation, especially in an exhibition environment.

The downside is that some of the images might be difficult to place legible text on.

Next steps

  • First of all, as usual now I’ve actually created and published something, I’ll live with it and think about it for a couple of days or so
  • At the next student hangout I’d like some feedback from my study buddies
  • If I think of additional methods of text pairing, I’ll try them out