After all the valuable feedback from the study visit crit session I’ve been working on a refined version of this assignment, with a view to getting closer to being able to send it off to the tutor in something like its current state.

Video version of book below.

Apologies for the poor light, and my inability to turn pages over properly…

Feel free to just watch this. If you’re interested in the process running up to this version of the project, keep reading after the video.

New title, again

The last title (‘Screen Memories‘) only lasted a day, as a cursory amount of further research into the phrase revealed that there is a lot of psychological writing on the concept, and it’s very much more dark and disturbing than I’d realised! I had used the phrase as a form of ‘memory metaphor slippage’ between the thing remembered and the thing it represents, but in Freudian theory it more specifically relates to suppressed childhood trauma. This isn’t really the angle I was going for, and I wouldn’t like to mislead any potential viewers who have detailed knowledge of Freudian theory (however small that particular niche is).

For about an hour I was enamoured with the obscure English word ‘Disremembrance‘ – but was put off somewhat to discover it’s the title of a 1998 Dannii Minogue single!

Anyway, I was re-reading my draft artist’s statement and found myself liking a sentence, which I subsequently simplified a little:

We all lose something every day

I’m drawn to this as it makes a connection between losing and forgetting. It does to me, anyway.

Liberating the text!

One key realisation that emerged from the crit session is that however I paired text with image, the pairing was going to somehow resemble caption text to some viewers. The advice from Helen, one of the tutors present, was to add a few text fragments to the introduction as examples; Stan from my hangout study group suggested similar.

I decided to try this, albeit with a larger number of lines of text than the original advice might have suggested. I chose 14 lines of text and 14 images. I do still want the idea of the text fragments to be ‘equivalents’ to the images, but without pairing them one-for-one.


I made this an introductory page before the images start. I tried not to make it look too much like a contents page; I actually tried to make it resemble a poem. although it doesn’t scan…

Artist’s statement

This is the current version:


Book format

The other big takeaway from the crit session was seeing another student’s book dummy (hi Hazel!) and researching similar binding products online. I found a version of the ‘pinchbook’ (reusable grip-spine cloth-covered hardback book) that had a window in the front cover, which I thought in a way suited my projection motif.

The pinchbook arrived today, and it’s remarkably straightforward to use. I printed on brochure paper for now (130gsm) but will upgrade to a photographic paper quality for the submitted version.

Next steps

I’m going to seek feedback on this at tomorrow’s hangout!