This weekend I am attending an OCA North student meeting, part of which is a group critique session. I am going to take along a selection of my current work in progress for discussion. It will be interesting to do so with a cross-disciplinary group – I think under half of us are on photography pathways.

To this end I recently sorted through my 800+ photos taken since Assignment 4 and whittled them down to 28 that I think could be candidates for the final series (which I envisage will be 12-15 images).

I’ve printed them out and have been experimenting with sequencing and juxtapositions, and sorting them into vague groupings. I also decided to test them out on my wife, who very kindly sorted them into her favourites and non-favourites. Some decisions are emerging, I think. But I’d still like to take the opportunity to bring them to the critique session to get a wider set of views.

The basic question I’m planning to ask, after a brief contextualisation, is:

Which, if any, of these images evoke a sense of forgetting (or forgotten-ness)?

I’m interested in feedback both on individual images and categories of subject matter.

The longlist

Here’s the full current longlist. I’m still shooting so it continues to evolve, but as a snapshot of where this is at I think it’s fairly representative. There are a handful of images from Assignments 3 and 4 in there too.

Comments welcome from any readers!

(click on the first image for a slideshow of bigger pictures)