One of the scarier aspects of SYP is the fundamental idea of showing your work to strangers. So I thought it would be good for my confidence to revisit what I have already achieved in this regard. When I itemise it I realise that I have published or displayed more of my work than I thought. Much of it is not directly related to my OCA work, although I consider it all useful experience.

In timeline order:

  • April 2015: “Places & People
    • A month-long solo exhibition of 20 black-and-white prints from miscellaneous OCA and personal projects, in the function room of the Sun Inn, Pickering
    • From memory I sold two or three prints


  • April 2016: “It’s a Colourful Life
    • I was asked back for another month-long solo exhibition, this time featuring 20 colour prints from miscellaneous OCA and personal projects, at the Sun’s exhibition space
    • This time I sold 10 of the framed prints


  • April 2017: “Paw Prints“:
    • Another month-long exhibition at the Sun but this time a series of commissioned portraits of dogs owned by local people
    • This actually led to me setting up a pet portraiture business for the following few years, but that is another story…


  • February 2018: “In Search of Lost Gloves
    • A (very) early version of BoW Assignment 3 was made into a handmade book for the purposes of entering into a local book fair in York, organised by a photography collective called Lens Think Yorkshire and a creative organisation called Print Stuff
    • The book was selected for inclusion and presented in the book fair for the duration of the event (a month)

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 16.45.32

  • April 2018: “In Search of Lost Gloves
    • Off the back of the book fair I was invited to publish an edit of BoW Assignment 3 as a guest blog post on a curated photography blog Fable & Folk
    • I was also interviewed about the work

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 16.47.15

  • May 2018: “Memory Waves
    • popup exhibition of portraits from my BoW Assignment 2, at the Moorside Rooms, Kirkbymoorside
    • For one day only as part of a Dementia Action Week
    • Same set displayed for a second pop-up exhibition in August of same year as part of a local singing event


  • July 2018: “Canine Headshots
    • A mini-exhibition (one week, six images) at Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton
    • As part of their ‘Dog Week’ programme of events


  • June 2019: “Two Kinds of People?
    • I submitted a project I did back in 2017 as part of the Level 2 Documentary course to an open call organised by the photography website/zine Photograd, themed around Brexit
    • I was selected for inclusion, featured on their website and interviewed about the work

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 16.49.49

  • July 2019: “Brand New Day”
    • Collaborative photobook on a given theme
    • Six of my abstract images were included alongside the work of five other photographers
    • One of my images was selected for the front cover


  • March 2020: “Two Kinds of People?” digital archive
    • The work, as seen on the Photograd site mentioned above, was selected to be included in the Harvard College Library digital archive on Brexit

[awaiting link / screenshot ]

  • July 2020: “Prom Scene”
    • A single image I took in January 2020, unrelated to my OCA body of work, was submitted to a Feature Shoot / The Print Swap open call, and was selected for inclusion
    • The selection includes the image being exhibited at a one-day exhibition at the BBA Circle Gallery in Berlin in July 2020

Prom Scene



So apparently I have published / exhibited more work than I thought!

This is encouraging; it makes the idea of building a publication or exhibition around my BoW project less daunting.