As noted in the last blog post, Assignment 1 is split into two parts: drafting a PDF for reviewers, and sending it off for feedback. In between these two parts is the tutor feedback and suggestions, detailed in that post just linked above.

I have been working on editing down and re-laying out the original draft which was, I now realise, overlong and a tad dry and dull visually (my words, not my tutor’s, I hasten to add).

The original draft was 20 pages long:

  • Title page
  • Text intro (about me / about the work)
  • Blank divider page
  • 15x individual full-page images
  • Blank divider page
  • Photography CV

The new version is, as suggested by tutor Garry, punchier and more magazine-y in its layout. It is six pages in total and features eight out of the 15 images, plus links to the website for the full series.

A few notes on layout:

  • I found some good templates built into the latest version of Pages, the Mac OS word processor / desktop publisher
  • I chose landscape ratio not portrait to better suit the image ratio
  • I used a full-bleed cover image without the border / text fragment as I felt that the text lines could cause confusion in this context
  • I wanted a contemporary look and feel / typography
  • The original template was pure white but I tweaked the background to a 20% opacity grey so that the white images would stand out without needing a key line around them
  • I wanted a variety of page layouts as the lack of variety was one of the reasons the earlier version was a bit dull

For the purposes of this blog post I’ve included the pages here as images; it is also available as a downloadable document: LO4 Rob Townsend 511892 A1 PDF for Portfolio Reviews

I did a draft prior to this one and shared with some peer students. This was, as ever, very useful; people always come up with comments that make me see my work in a new light, and suggest things to try that I might not have considered. I had originally used a different cover image, for example, and a couple of people suggested that it wasn’t the strongest or most representative image. So I mocked up a few alternatives for feedback:

A few people preferred the middle one, and with hindsight I think the colour palette suits the tone of the overall set more than the bright blue sky did.

I also had feedback on specific wording, placement of images on the page and the repetition of gloves (of course!)

The final version here had two images replaced and a couple of images swapping places.

I believe I have succeeded in overcoming the comment from Garry that stuck with me the most – that it shouldn’t look too much like a college assignment 😁