Just a quick update to say that in addition to the two portfolio reviews already done before I submitted Assignment 1, I have now contacted more people/organisations regarding portfolio reviews or similar feedback, mostly using the PDF that I updated following tutor feedback.

They are:

  • Andrew Conroy, photographer and OCA tutor (recommended by my tutor Garry Clarkson)
  • Paul Herrmann, director of Redeye, the photography network
  • Al Palmer, founder of Brown Owl Press, an independent photobook and zine publisher

The first two I contacted directly to ask if they would be interested in giving me some feedback on my work. Al Palmer put out an offer of free portfolio reviews on Twitter and after a quick online chat I sent him my introductory PDF.

As I write this I haven’t heard back from any of the above, but that’s fine – the first two of them I only contacted today and the third did say that it might take him a while to get to everyone.

In addition:

  • As mentioned in an earlier post, my entry into the LensCulture Critics’ Choice 2020 awards gets me a written feedback report, but possibly not before August
  • The Association of Photographers is offering portfolio reviews to OCA students thanks to an arrangement made with Dan the interim course leader, so I have expressed an interest in this and awaiting news on how it all works

So if all of the above come off, added to the two earlier reviews I will have had seven sets of feedback to my work.