The final chunk of research (after virtual exhibitions and printed publications) is crowdfunding. I am planning to raise most of the costs of the printed publication component via a fairly modest crowdfunding campaign with a target of £300.

I narrowed it down to Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

This is a fairly short post as there are many comparisons available online already on the key differences between the two platforms.

Note that the fee structure is identical: 5% platform fee and 3-5% payment processing fee dependent on payment value.


The first successful ‘big name’ crowdfunding platform, started in 2009 and to date funded over $4bn worth of projects.

  • Pro:
    • Bigger user base
    • Bigger brand recognition
    • Higher success rate
  • Con:
    • Stricter approval standards
    • Fixed funding only i.e. all or nothing… unsuccessful campaigns get nothing
    • Fewer user payment options


Actually started a year earlier but took longer to get established in the market; started out specialising in film production but soon expanded into other creative products and services.

  • Pro:
    • Covers more countries
    • More user payment options
    • Allows flexible funding (miss your target, you still get the money raised up to that point)
  • Con:
    • Lower success rate
    • Lesser brand recognition


Based on this I plan to go with Kickstarter.

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