Linked here is the full PDF submitted to my tutor for this assignment

Extracted below is the Executive Summary only:

This document proposes how Remembering Forgetting, a photographic project of the unreliability of human memory, will be produced, funded and presented to a public audience over the autumn/winter of 2020/21.

The public presentation of the work is by way of an integrated hybrid of two components:

    • A virtual exhibition online, simulating the three-dimensional experience of visiting a gallery
    • A limited-run printed exhibition catalogue to be posted out to interested parties

The hybrid publication will be promoted mostly through online channels, maximising the available network of potentially interested parties. One or more ‘artist’s talk’ type events will take place online.

The budget is £600, funded 50% by personal funds and 50% by a crowdfunding campaign.

Audience engagement will be built into the integration between the virtual exhibition and the printed catalogue (online visitors will be invited to give feedback in return for a free catalogue), along with the more direct audience interaction provided by the artist’s talk(s).

Self evaluation

I will provide brief commentary on how I believe this submission fulfils the assessment criteria in the course handbook (I will also refer to Learning Outcomes at the end).

  • Demonstration of technical and visual skills (materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills)
    • I can speak to this at two levels: the proposal as a document, and the mockups of the actual proposed publication components
    • As a document I believe it is clean, professional and easy to read; I have had peer feedback to this effect
    • Regarding the proposed publication, both components required a reasonable degree of design and composition skills, even as simple mockups
  • Quality of outcome (content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas)
    • I am confident that I have presented the work in a very coherent manner and that the content is robust
    • I believe I have both conceptualised and communicated my ideas clearly and effectively
  • Demonstration of creativity (imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice)
    • I believe there is creativity evident in my proposed hybrid solution, bringing people in through an online experience and then pairing that with a physical memento of the work
  • Context (reflection, research, critical thinking)
    • All aspects of the proposal – the virtual exhibition, the printed publication, the fundraising, the budgeting – all required a degree of research

Learning outcomes

In addition to the assessment criteria it is increasingly important to take into account the five specific learning outcomes for the SYP course, as these provide the framework of items submitted for assessment.

I believe that the Learning Outcomes that are most appropriate for this particular assignment are:

  • LO1: demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the professional context(s) relevant to your practice and have an understanding of the professional dimensions that underpin a successful photographic practice
    • I propose that this assignment does meet this requirement as I have framed my proposed publication in the commercial context of costs incurred and funds raised
  • LO3: operate in complex commercial contexts requiring the application of specific interpersonal, professional and business skills within an ethical framework
    • Specific professional and business skills are demonstrated in this assignment, such as supplier evaluation, budgeting and funding