I got my tutor report for Assignment 2 just over a week ago but then I went on leave for a week and have only just started catching up again. This time it was a written report, which makes sense as it was in response to a written proposal. We have agreed that the next assignment feedback will be via video so we can discuss Assignment 2 as well as 3 if necessary.

General comments

The feedback was positive: Garry found my proposal to be “concise and professional”. The content of the proposal also went down well: “The integration between the proposed event and its publication is very interesting and well thought out”.

The main element that Garry says I need to work on is the marketing strategy: who to target with what messages. This is mentioned in the proposal but not in great detail. Garry’s suggestions:

“I would consider breaking these [interested parties] down into a mail list of curators/influences and a more general audience (general public who would be interested in the style and content of your work ). High concept ideas but in an accessible, deadpan humour style.”

  • targeting social media to these two discrete audiences (as there will also be overlaps)
  • How might you progress this? Which social media channels and within that what aspects (such as ‘artist’s talk’ type events) might you publicise through these channels?

This is where I need to put more of my effort going into the coming weeks.

Specific comments

A few of the more detailed comments bear extracting here:

  • Audience engagement: is there the future possibility of engaging with academics/ influencers, charity or voluntary agencies to either publicise or perhaps even offer funding in the future? I’m thinking particularly of those who engage with the social affects of memory (and memory loss) as their subjects
    • Possibly: but after the timelines of SYP I think
    • I’m happy to start thinking about this in parallel but not to tie in with the current publication phase
  • Think ’laterally’ about audiences who may engage with artworks around the theme (not necessarily strictly those concerned with dementia or ageing as such)
    • Interesting idea; I will need to think about this
  • Build up some more followers on twitter by following them and posting links to the broad themes of memory in art/photography (‘teaser’) followed by the eventual publicity for the on- line exhibition/event (with link to event-brite). I would have a definite date for the virtual exhibition and produce some preliminary countdown ‘teasers’
    • Good point on trying to expand Twitter following
    • Good point on using EventBrite for the online exhibition and/or the artist’s talk event
    • Definite date for the exhibition: yes I agree, I just haven’t pinned it down to a start date yet (provisionally said it would start some time in November and finish some time in January
  • Users submit their own equivalent ‘forgettances’ is a good idea. See parallels with Simon Roberts who has both a portfolio site, a site devoted to his major project ‘We English’ and a blog which includes all the ideas, links and an audience engagement section
    • I will check this out


One of the things that Garry excels at as a tutor is the suggestion of additional resources. With this feedback report he has set up an ongoing online list of potential photography industry influencers, which I am already finding very useful.