One of the main elements of pulling together my SYP publication is the crowdfunding campaign.

It serves three purposes:

  • It raises funds to pay for the publication deliverables
  • It enables a promotional campaign in advance of promoting the actual publication itself
  • It attracts a built-in audience (albeit small) for the eventual publication

Personally I am more interested in the latter two. If push came to shove I could self-fund the whole thing (I know many students do) but I like the idea of using the fundraising as a reason – and platform – for talking about the work in advance of presenting it to the world, and getting people ‘hooked in’.

I set up my campaign on Kickstarter last week and it was approved yesterday.

I plan to go live next Tuesday, 19th October (apparently Tuesday is the best day to launch a campaign) and run it to Thursday 20th November (and a Thursday is the best day to finish one!). From tomorrow I will do five days of ‘countdown to crowdfunding’ on my social media.

Kickstarter have helpfully sent me a set of ‘creator promotion’ hints and links to work through to make the most of the campaign. It’s all new to me but these guys are good at the hand-holding so far.


Since my original proposal on this, I have simplified the rewards in one respect but expanded them in another. I did this based on research and advice from experienced crowdfunders.

  • Pledge £1: Thanks
    • A simple ‘thank you’ from me to you
    • The £1 level is highly recommended from those in the know. It acts as a virtually-free entry-level commitment that allows me to contact the pledger through the rest of the campaign. I can try to upsell them to a higher pledge level. If that doesn’t work, someone has essentially paid me £1 to be put on a mailing list :-)
  • Pledge £10: Online Supporter
    • A high-resolution digital image and name in exhibition and catalogue acknowledgements
  • Pledge £20: Exhibition Catalogue
    • As above plus copy of Exhibition Catalogue posted
    • ALSO there will be an Early Bird version for £15, limited to the first five pledgers
  • Pledge £50: Super Supporter
    • All above plus an A3 print from the exhibitor series
    • Limited to three pledgers
    • Not expecting this to be popular – it positions an option higher than the one I want people to select (the £20 level) to steer people back to the middle – clichéd sales psychology but it seems to work

That’s it for now – I will report back on progress once it goes live.