Yesterday my 30-day Kickstarter campaign finished. It had hit its £300 target in six days, so with hindsight it didn’t really need to run for so long. But there isn’t a way to close a campaign early, so it ran on for a further three weeks. I didn’t actively promote it after it had hit target, but it still attracted a few more backers. In the end I raised £391 against a target of £300.

After platform and payment processing fees I’ll net about £350. I pondered what to do with the extra money raised. I came up with three options:

  1. Increase print run
  2. Increase page count
  3. Add new printed product (postcard?)

Taking each in turn:

1. Increase print run

The plan has always been to print 50 catalogues. 50 is a nice round number. Increasing the print run within the £50 overfunding would mean making the print run 65, which is not a nice round number. Also, I am fundamentally uncertain as to whether I will even be able to use up 50 catalogues, let alone more. I need 17 copies for funding backers, leaving 33 for virtual exhibition visitors in the current print run of 50. Also I need to remember that more catalogues means more postage and packaging, so it’s not as straightforward as it looks.

For all these reasons, I have ruled out a bigger print run.

2. Increase page count

The current proof copy is 24 pages in total (in Blurb parlance it is actually a “20-page softcover book” with a 4-page cover, but for simplicity I will stick with defining it by the total number of pages, not just the insides).

It needs to be a multiple of 4, so the next level up is a 28-page publication. This increases the total printing cost by about £30, so within budget.

I used InDesign to lay out a 28-page version of the catalogue. The main advantage is that there is no longer any need to have more than one image on a single page – see the before and after shots below. It gives the images more room to breathe.

Also it allows me put the closing image on the last inside spread, rather than on the back cover – where it was on the first version, mostly out of necessity due to the page count and layout decisions.

I have decided to go ahead with this option and have ordered a new proof to check.

3. Add new printed product

I had in mind previously that if the campaign overfunded then I could add some postcards to the publication. I would send out a postcard with each of the catalogues, with a handwritten thank you note. I have checked with Moo, a supplier I have used in the past, and 50 standard postcards would be around £35 including postage.

The page count upgrade has only increased my budget by £30, so there is still about £20 to play with. Also, Blurb almost always have some kind of discount on – every time I’ve ordered anything I’ve had at least 10% off and often more. This morning I received an email offering me 30% off magazine printing for today only (it’s a shame I’m not ready to order the full print run yet). With my first proof order last week I got a code for 15% off my next order, so this seems to be the current baseline for returning customers.

With this in mind, I am hoping to get about £20 off my full print run order, making my extra budget more like £40 – enough to fund the postcards.

So I am going to order the postcards as well!