I have my feedback tutorial with Garry later today and presuming no dealbreakers (there shouldn’t be, as he kindly sent me preliminary notes in advance) I will start going public with the outputs of my SYP publication tomorrow.

Virtual exhibition

The virtual exhibition portion of the publication is going live tomorrow (Friday 11th December).

After feedback from my tutor and some study peers I started to share their concerns about one particular aspect of the virtual exhibition: the wall colour.


My original choice of wall colour was driven by three factors:

  • A preference not to have a clichéd white / light grey gallery space
  • Picking out the green tones of a number of the images (and the association with nature, given the idea that this was a kind of ‘memory walk’ round my semi-rural home town)
  • The fact that the Art.Spaces platform has a very limited selection of colours, and only one green!

So I never loved the shade of green but learnt to like it, or at least got used to it. However, once my tutor queried it, and half of my study group admitted they weren’t super-keen on it, I began to see their point.

My tutor’s advice was to go neutral, so the white or light grey that I had initially avoided. I mocked these up:

I still find both of these a little bland and uninspiring. On a study group video meeting I was encouraged to share my screen and try other colour options. The one that won unanimous approval was a darker grey (‘anthracite’):


This meets the criteria of being neutral without being clichéd. For me it avoids being too sombre by the central platform that is in a lighter grey. And I didn’t realise until afterwards but the shift from green to dark grey here mirrored a similar decision I made recently to change the masthead colour on the catalogue:

I made a few other slight tweaks. The title decal colour needed to change to contrast with the new wall colour. Also I had a correction to one of the supporter acknowledgement names.

I believe the virtual gallery is now ready to go live, but will listen carefully to any final feedback from my tutor later today.

Exhibition catalogue

I am relieved that I set expectations with crowdfunding backers that the catalogue would be dispatched in January rather than December – as there has been an unfortunate delay…

Two weeks ago I ordered a second proof copy of the catalogue, as I had expanded the page count from 24 to 28 and accordingly revised the layout of some of the pages. However, last Friday the parcel that arrived contained someone else’s magazine! A bunch of young people looking like they had great fun on a 2019 road trip – I’m presuming that those poor twenty-somethings were as disappointed to receive my exhibition catalogue as I was to get their holiday snaps…

It took Blurb a few days to get back to me (kind of understandable given the time of year) and they are sending out a reprint. It might not arrive until the end of next week though. And I do not want to order the full quantity without first checking the proof copy carefully.

So I think it is highly unlikely that the full run of 50 catalogues will get delivered to me this side of Christmas, and definitely won’t get posted out to the first recipients before January.


I mentioned in an earlier post that having overshot the funding target I had found enough extra in the budget for some postcards. They arrived today and they look (and feel) great!

This made up for the disappointment of the catalogue delay. These will be sent out with the catalogues and I will write a little thank you note on each one.


I will do a couple of social media announcements tonight about the exhibition going live tomorrow, then will kick off the schedule of daily posts for the next week or so. I will post less frequently in the immediate run-up to Christmas, then will pick it up again on Boxing Day. I’m hoping that the quiet time between Christmas and New Year is ideal for a little online art consumption!

Tomorrow I will hit ‘send’ on the press release messages too.

Wish me luck!