I always had in mind that the project should have its own web address, so I had purchased the following domain a few months in advance of the virtual exhibition going live:


The original plan was to host the publication content on a page within my existing portfolio site so at robtownsend.com/rememberingforgetting – with the project-specific domain being redirected automatically.

However, I latterly decided that a dedicated layout and online identity would better suit the project and so created a separate one-page website to host the project website. It is still linked from the general portfolio site.


The site is used to house the sections detailed below. Clicking on any image will take you to the site itself.


  • Short text introduction (slightly edited version of artist statement)
  • Background banner image

Virtual exhibition

  • Short explanation
  • Embedded version of virtual exhibition (so the user stays on my site while they navigate the exhibition)

Exhibition catalogue

Selected images

  • 12 images from the project


  • Simple contact form
  • Social media links