I have already submitted everything I intend to put forward for final assessment and so this doesn’t form part of my submission, for reasons I will go into in a minute.

Towards the end of my virtual exhibition in February 2021 I was contacted by a photographic acquaintance by the name of Paul Gotts. Our connection is photobooks, specifically the making thereof. In early 2018 I happened to buy a copy of one of Paul’s books at a book fair, and we struck up an email correspondence. Later that year we both ended up on the same Joe Wright bookmaking course in Leeds. We kept in touch and it’d be very fair to say that while my interest in bookmaking was satisfied by that one course, Paul was already severely bitten by the bookmaking bug, was doing it before the course and has continued to do it ever since. In 2019 Paul curated and published a collaborative photobook Brand New Day, for which I contributed images alongside five other photographers.

Anyway, fast-forward to 2021 and Paul made the very kind offer to create a one-off handmade book edition of the Remembering Forgetting project. All I needed to do was provide image files and the artist statement text, plus a couple of decisions on colour preferences. The rest was all Paul.

He produced it back in March but due to international travel restrictions and high postage costs (we live in different countries) I’ve only just managed to lay my hands on it.

And it’s a thing of great beauty. The cover material, the binding, the paper quality – it’s exquisite.

The reason I haven’t included it for submission is that I neither produced nor commissioned it – it was Paul’s offer and gift. I’m humbled that someone considered the work worthy of this, and I’m delighted with the end result. But it’s mostly Paul’s work and so I won’t ask assessors to consider it as part of my creative output.

I did however want to mention it on this blog as I believe it deserves to be seen, and to acknowledge Paul’s fantastic work.

Here’s a video of the final book.