I got my results for the Sustaining Your Practice module a few days ago: 72%.

As this was my last module, and as I got 80% and 72% respectively for Body of Work and Contextual Studies, it means that OCA could confirm my final degree result and classification.

I got a First!

It’s been an amazing 8-and-a-bit years. I’ve learnt loads, I’ve pushed myself, I’ve made some great friends with whom I will stay in touch, and last but definitely not least I have created artworks of which I am truly proud.

I’ve enjoyed distance learning. I know it’s not for everyone but it really suited me. I think as long as you can find ways of engaging with other students, it will all work out. A big thank you in particular to my Level 3 peer group study buddies – y’all got me through Level 3, not sure I could have done it without you.

Anyway, that’s it for this blog. Not sure how long it will stay live (at least as long as my WordPress account subscription is paid, I guess).

My main photography portfolio site is at robtownsend.photos, and my degree project Remembering Forgetting has its own home at rememberingforgetting.com so my photos will be hanging around the internet for a while yet.

Bye for now, thanks for reading, take care xx