Rob Townsend

Remembering Forgetting


I’m Rob Townsend, my student number is 511892 and I’m on the third and final level of a BA (Hons) Photography degree with the Open College of the Arts. I’ve been studying with OCA since 2013 and my previous modules have been Art of Photography, People & Place, Context & Narrative, Gesture & Meaning and Documentary.

My practice for the last few years has been around using photography to investigate aspects of memory systems and processes, with a particular focus on forgetting and memory slippage. I want to evoke with my images a sense of the complexity and unreliability of memory. Rather than examining significant personal memories like so much photography on memory, I am much more interested in the continual, everyday memory activities that underpin our daily lives.

This blog is in two distinct parts:

Work on the Contextual Studies module is held privately.


All content (text and photography) is © Rob Townsend unless otherwise credited.

All photographs are used for academic reference purposes only. If you are a copyright holder of an image used on this blog and object to its use, please contact me on Thank you.

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