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Remembering Forgetting

Body of Work: Assessment Submission

Notes for Assessors

This Learning Log represents the online portion of my submission for formal assessment of the BA (Hons) Photography course Body of Work.

It should be reviewed in conjunction with the physical submission pack sent to OCA, containing a book providing an overview of all five assignments and a set of 15 fine art prints of the final portfolio of images.

The purpose of this online element of the submission is to provide supporting information such as full image portfolios for Assignments 1 to 4, and preparatory materials such as work-in-progress, research notes and personal reflection.

All tutor reports have been provided as part of the above physical submission pack and are also stored on the relevant G Drive folder, as instructed.

Note: if you are reading this and you’re not an assessor, a video presentation of the portfolio box submission is available here.


For ease, all assignments are linked below.

1. Facial Decognition
2. Memory Waves
3. Both are Lost
4. We All Lose Something Every Day
5. Remembering Forgetting

Note that two versions of Assignment 5 are provided: the original as submitted to the tutor, and the final version as linked above.

Learning Log

The Learning Log can be navigated as follows:

  • Coursework: projects and exercises, organised per section of the course
  • Assignments: preparation, submission, feedback and rework per assignment
  • Research & Reflection: book reviews, exhibition reviews, discussions of specific photographers and other miscellany
  • Assessment: planning, preparation and production of assessment materials

Thank you for your time and attention.

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